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Chabert & Guillot · Nougat pieces, vanilla, raspberry, pistachio, tin · 250g (8.8 oz)


Also known as torrone this nougat assortment of nougat comes from Chabert et Guillot, based in the town of Montélimar, which has been the capital of nougat making ever since the first almond trees were introduced into the Vivarais region in 1650. The flavors include Vanilla, Raspberry and Pistachio.
Chabert Guillot is a famous French confectionery brand specializing in the production of authentic turron nougats famed for their unique texture and sweet flavor. Based in Montelimar, the capital of French nougat-making, the company was established in 1848 and operated to brighten up the days of locals with the tasty traditional sweets made with the finest, organic ingredients and authentic, home recipes. Nowadays, Chabert Guillot proudly represents its irresistible delicate holiday sweets to the world.

Product of France