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Being born in and spending the first few years of life in Japan, the founder of Aji has always had an affinity for 'different' flavors and tastes, as well as a hankering for the flavors of Japan.

Aji's selection features a range of sweets, candies, snacks, and condiments from around the world.

You can visit us in Greenville, NC at 801 Dickinson Avenue.

Dietary restrictions? Gluten free? You don't have to compromise on taste!

Join Us In Greenville NC

Visit our Dickinson Avenue location to enjoy our wine bar, pastries, snacks, and wine tasting events.

Delicious vegetarian candy and fast shipping. I am soooo happy with this purchase! I’m going to buy it again right now.
The puffed rice with milk chocolate is heavenly! Very prompt delivery with Aji.
Delightfully decadent truffles. The order came correct, intact and before the shipping date, will order again!